Jeudi 16 juin 2011

MBT Swala Back love

Every afternoon MBT Swala, in the community will see them. He is XiaKe, pointed, high cheekbones, black and red LianTang; She is fat, eyebrow eye picturesque, with complexion. She fell on his back, stretched out his hand and went to the east, said: "a means to look at the garden the plant's Daisy, the flowers." He was carrying her silently, to the garden. She then went west point, said: "to swing rack sit." He will carry her past, carefully put her in a swing, skill protect her, and another hand gently push away. Sometimes he was carrying her, just walk out of the slowly through the area, the market, through the streets of many shops... Can't walk anymore, they put her on the bus stop on the chair next to a rest, keep on going. When interest, he will probably be carrying her, and next to the bicycle race...
Previously, she is very care about other people's eyes and talk, now, she no longer tube those taste the gaze of each different, she only cherish this carry her man. She would sometimes with a handkerchief to wipe away sweat for him, and asked him to stop every once in a while stop for a rest. Is no longer young age, he cheated on her, really very sweaty, took a few steps, it out so fast. She has been trying to all kinds of to lose weight, want to let him some easily, but he firmly opposed her to go on a diet. He told her: "you sign language is again heavy 10 jins, I can carry you up on the same floor 6."
Is such a pair of husband and wife, she can't walk, he can't speak.
She is suddenly can't walk. She worked overtime for a few days, finally finished the new project. Her long easy one breath, from the chair, but very dizzy MBT Swala caviar Black, eyes, a black man will fall down. Wake up again after he couldn't stand up, is excessive fatigue caused cerebral haemorrhage, stroke paralyzed.
He started back her. Once upon a time, he also back her, then are madly in love, she ACTS like a child let him carry upstairs, before he agreed, her charming is spruce body gently, he jumped on to the leap of his back. She lukewarm soft body on the back of his mind, he is a god, and the whole people drunk. Now, she is his back a scenery. He cheated on her, from a hospital turned to another hospital, from the first climbed up to the fifth floor...... In the doctor announced that she can't stand up and come, she had to take his despair. He put her from dying, she woke up and come back to cry, hysterical, "leg, I live and waste what mean MBT Swala?" He grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms jiggled, said: "I want you to accompany me for a lifetime, you can't walk, I carry you!"
This is taken care of before she won't wash socks, the man began to take care of her meticulous. He learned to cook a meal, according to the menu for her sweet soft porridge; cook His rough hand awkward for her long hair combed, firm plait of Fried dough twist; She constipation, he is wearing gloves helped her to dig the; She be agitated depressed, he will stay with her renju players, buy, put her favorite songs and movies; Her character, the home of the USSR nature is not circle. He carried her, shopping, eating spicy powder to small streets, go to the park to listen to people act in an opera pull erhu......
She still don't want to live, is love him. After her illness he didn't eat a hot meal, hadn't slept a good sleep, and he put her back to back, she became his drag. That is the time she secretly drink an overdose of sleeping pills, she is really want to, so a sleepy. But was he saved over, he embraced her cry like a child: "you are not, I a person and what mean?"
She was the third month after, he suddenly can't talk. The move, which has no mouth voice. She was urgent, pressed him to see a doctor. He went to the doctor and brought back a paper of the medical certificate: vocal cords cyst cause lost his voice. She hugged him cry, it never rains but it pours, how unlucky things turn all their home? He is sad, but easily in paper told her: you can't go, I can't speak, later, we two who cannot abandon who is better, better.
They support mutually, he is her legs, she is the sound of his voice. To buy food, he cheated on her, and she with bargained; Have guests, he cook, she is responsible for chatting with; He cheated on her to take a walk downstairs on her own initiative, and neighbors say "hello"; She directed him, the balcony of flowers this watered, bedspread should wash, gas company, to make a phone call to come to pay...... He smiled, obey orders, according to one.
They need each other, all like, ten years of marriage, never like so harmonious. She even began in his encouragement, exercise his legs to walk up. Gradually, her legs become powerful, can carry one, can take several steps on crutches...... He does not speak Swala MBT, but she every advance, his eyes were all full of infinite joy.
8 months after illness, she was able to walk. He took her to the hospital, the doctor review was stunned, have to the disease, can not in such a short time the recovery. The doctor waving hand in of the medical certificate in smile he said: "this is you create miracle! But also my credit?" He hold her, answer with a smile: "I believe there must be the day."
She was so excited to see him, suddenly tears. The thin man, he not only silence with not a backbone gave her the deepest love, and the doctor joint weaving he burst of lies. He used his back, with the love of lies to her certificate, in this life, he and she, must be performing.
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MBT Tabia Military truth

Eleven long holiday MBT Tabia Grey, I go to visit my sister. With his alcoholic husband NaoQi sister, saw me crying, get more severe. I know why sad, just to my sister's early years in a word, just changed all of her life path.
That year, 20 years old sister in the town of high school class teacher. Her appearance and dignified, sing good dowry, was a town enterprise amateur theatre company, in the small town TaiZhuZi also calculate a celebrity.
Sister and two classes of junior high school English, the result is good, bureau of education in the county range of observe and learn the lesson in comparison, sister took the second place. In 1993, the superior dispatch, to repel one size fits all, all teacher of run by sister in the school, to feel sorry for eyes left the school, back to the village when an accounting.
Sister in substitute, understanding practice during MaXiaoNing teachers. MaXiaoNing normal just graduated, the home is the provincial capital, in order to elder sister, practice, give up after return to cities, to stay in the small town. MaXiaoNing tall jun lang, humor humor and wit. We all like him. Sister "no longer", and did not affect the MaXiaoNing sister feelings to to, he often to our house, and sister talked for a long time. Sometimes their busy, MaXiaoNing walk not to open, and he sent me to take note sister. At that time I was just up on high school.
One day, I fled the night to go to the movies. In the movie theater, I suddenly found that, in the front row seat is not far on sat, MaXiaoNing. No wonder this fall. Curiously, and MaXiaoNing and sit together, is a beautiful girl, two people's appearance is very affectionate. I was very surprised. The second day, I found the girl in school, girls MaXiaoNing to wash the clothes in the dormitory MBT Tabia Tan, before hanging colourful one. Lunch in the dining hall, two people played dishes, and close the door in the room to eat.
I just can't restrain nasty, and promptly go home, will this new situation report to my sister. Family emergency to discuss strategies, the father said: "this unknown place? I don't teach the small tendril, somebody else does not approve."
Sister in bed for a few days, big eyes at the roof.
Stop for a week, MaXiaoNing and home to find the elder sister. Sister in his little room shut out. The next day, MaXiaoNing in school, I took a letter to my sister, I'm not positive eye look at him. MaXiaoNing nasty, and on that day to come up and not see the face of the elder sister how to also don't leave. From the afternoon until dinner ZhangDeng cent, sister was suddenly opened the door, the noodles have no facial expression ground to say: "MaXiaoNing, you will not again, I have engaged." Say that finish, FanShen immediately back to the house and bolted the door. MaXiaoNing like drunk, like, the first way.
MaXiaoNing don't forget, the evening ran away. This father didn't let him into the home, out of the gate, and said: "small tendril to guangzhou to work this morning, go by car." MaXiaoNing a bottom to sit by the door of the stone grinding, until midnight to leave.
Soon, summer arrival, MaXiaoNing back to their parents around the provincial capital. Since then, the tall thin, speak mandarin, good at basketball great youth, and thoroughly from our a disappear from the view of.......
The next year, the elder sister to marry to nearby villages. The man is not of the elder sister, because he knows some sister and MaXiaoNing of things, and no bad feelings, a little sister, also do not love and love only rarely meddling in the bottle, and housework. So DuoNian  MBT Tabia Military, sister took the children alone to support this family. Hard
That night, my sister and I sitting in the light chatting. I hesitated a long said: "one thing, pressure in my heart, have ten DuoNian, never tell you. I was very sad. If we had not I tell the teacher ma, perhaps you, life is not like this now. The truth of the matter is, I don't know...... the later"
Sister a smile, I murmur of conversation: "the truncated I know what you're gonna say, you don't have to do with you, this era has nothing, is I repeated considered decision. You say the truth of the matter, in fact I would have clear, the sudden emergence of girl TangGuHui, MaXiaoNing is the sister, his aunt's barren, BaoYang the comet's brother, with the small family name. It MaXiaoNing have I mentioned. I don't want to talk to him, the reason is not on this. Go down to me, give up his return, also gave up to university study opportunity, where he did not want to, just want to stay in my side, adventurous, I worry that the ruined his career, just cruel and he broken. Besides, he's been used to people in big cities, to the town is only half a year lost ten jins of flesh. I can't drag down his life." Sister pendency eyes.
I unconsciously become speechless, originally sister knew the truth. To refuse, just because love too deep.
"This MaXiaoNing, now is good, mix the ambition. I'm all right, he turned over reported the news of his find, love to write an article, common his name. He is now an associate professor....... Was on TV, also saw him, ha ha, fat, not quite like him."
Sister looked up and wiping away the tears of canthus his bulky, a smile. My sister is so beautiful.
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Dimanche 12 juin 2011

Tabia MBT

After break up Tabia MBT, her online, you said he asked what is happiness?
This word is bad, he want to define along while and just answer with a nie ru, it is the desire to meet it, and then rise to no desire when the fetters of freedom.
At that time they have already begun to bless each other. They were the great distance, they actually very love each other, but can't live together, for many reasons. He sometimes wonders if love enough?
She said, every day there will always be greatly small the holocaust, happiness is difficult to get.
He suddenly remembered the word Tabia MBT, and he knocked on the past: "happiness is a warm puppy."
Her smile, is you said?
Is that a call the little puppy said, snoopy it extremely delighted MBT Tabia Black White, coolly their equals happiness, you see, the simple happiness.
But you didn't send me snoopy. She gently complain, also in the recall. She said, thank you to accompany me that day.
He sighed, and with each other?
The moon rises, she relies on the window look, he is also. The head of the moon, but two different thinking. He thought, snoopy if in the city can't find a tree, it can still feel happiness? And she wants to, even if no trees, a road light pole MBT Tabia Caviar Black, a corner can meet the desire, and it is a warm it.
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Give food with the salt MBT Katika Birch

A man has an affair MBT Katika Black, the man feel sorry woman, each time I went home, like a child do the wrong thing, rob to do the housework. Previously, men are not doing housework, what housework is a woman. It's different now, since doing something wrong, is trying to make up for their own fault, men have actively to cooking. This let the woman at old man also cook, that before they had just got married. Soon after the marriage, a man will no longer to cook the dinner. These living all women embrace. The man said, long time no kitchen, want to find the feeling of before.
Men were still and his lover, the lover is a man units dating a girl. At first, the girls did not want to marry men mean, was just looking for some passion. Sometimes love is like water, the water's trip to the deep, slowly into the deep feeling girl trip, the girl had wanted to marry men of plan. The girl said we get married. The man, the man know amazed, marriage is not a simple matter, want to get married, and girls will and his wife divorced. Wife too good for him, also didn't do what I'm sorry his own business, so, the man is very difficult.
The girl think as long as can achieve purpose, can means. The girl is to come up with ideas, what man write a love letter first put man bag, let a woman washing clothes to find, let women and men quarrel MBT Tabia, let the woman coined divorce, but results from their expected, the woman not something fundamental man, take out on the table.
Next, they and a lot of ideas, but are not effective.
Ideas or they want to come out of the man. Tortured a woman, the man tortured a woman way actually very simple, is time of cook, to add a dish of salt, watching women how to eat, so that women will go down and their argument, as long as a quarrel with a divorce, often from the start of the fight. This day, the man really to cook food with a big put salt, but the results women eat very calm, also didn't complain about anything. Men can't help MBT Katika Birch, ask: I cook delicious? Women nodded his head. Man is an awkward smile.
This method failed again, the man DuoCi are deliberately to dish more salt, but women always go on eating is very calm, of course, a man not to eat, he said in an excuse to eat out full or don't like to eat dish that.
This man abrupt fantasy, why don't you go to play a trick on their own lover, to make her play. The dish in the man into a bag to take unit.
The next day, the noon meal, the man put the dishes in front of girls said, I give you fry a food. Girl picked up chopsticks first tastes, suddenly angrily put the dishes spit it out loud, asked the man, what do you mean? You want to do? This is people eat food? You eat, you eat for me down, see you how to eat!
The man said, how the how. Eat to eat. The man put the dishes pass, tasted it, good salty!!!!! Like water, as man want to spit it out.
Girl, you give me all eat it, you don't eat not men. The man stood up and angry with a cry, you roll for me!!!!! This time, the man suddenly thought of the woman MBT Katika Birch, thought of the woman have a meal of the scene, thought the woman must be very grievance, she is the bitter rest assured, don't want to say.
That night, the man returned home for a woman, a few word her favorite dish, put salt, men are personally taste, not salty not light is just right. Time of have a meal, the man asked the woman, today's food also comfort? The woman was laughed. But the man cry, said that after every day I give you do most of the rice! Shut
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Lundi 06 juin 2011

MBT Katika Will turn sunlight

The ground has a little halo, light to the newly corrugated, such as blinking fluffy fragment. His heart quiver, like with a knock.
Two years ago, in the same position, and have a same tinge.
They got married in the booth to cities, open food stand. Daily hard fatigue MBT Tabia, she never complained, only occasionally the tide of dwellings are dark. They rented cabin, narrow darkness, never have a gorgeous sunshine point-blank come in. One day, he smiles to say: "the bread can have, the sunshine also can have." So just as she saw a beam MBT Swala, accurately through the window in the center of the cabin of Noah. She look at it against a beam, the source, was a gold round mirror on the roof. He naughty ground looking at her, and she owes smile 1 flies into his arms.
Though hard, but they then very happy.
Later, he is ill, back pain, spine like rust live. Didn't start the mind, can waist activities more and more difficult. Treatment results is a stiff spine fertilizer, let a person, no absolute treatment and martyrdom splurge illness.
His heart was dark down, to come. She doesn't like, say, you ChuTan forestiers, myself. He felt for her stubborn indignations, and argue with her, she endure. She go out at night busy, daytime take care of him, soon angular circuit. He hated himself about himself and disappointed. He is in anger, for most of the day in bed. She ordered him many activities, he didn't listen. Later charged into a cry, also had become angry, she finally could not support.
"In this case, we back to it." She dejected. That night she didn't ChuTan, the next morning, she says noon fry some dishes, also calculate and the cabin farewell, and then go out to buy food.
He lay in bed, after all is not abandoned the hut, because it has to condense the their dreams and lofty sentiments. He's in bed squirming, saw the halo.
Once the medal round mirror, had long been cat knocked off broke, the beam in the in the mind also already dim. Now he looked at the ground the slow-moving halo, think it is so beautiful and bright eyes misty, tears.
When she came back, he was the house standing, due to illness bow wear waist, odd postures. He is reading the north house roof, as if encounter bright lights, narrow focus on.
"First we don't go, I go to a barber, learn a trade, then back to open a barber shop in town." He said with a smile.
She doesn't seem to believe my ears and grabbed his arm.
Several years later, I sat in a small town in the barbershop, bow-backed barber edge cutting my hair edge the story  MBT Katika. His wife was to customers shampoo, very common one, but let my heart was born respect.
The sun through a glass according to come in, lit up the whole shop.
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There is a love, winning just don't lose

Under good heavy rain that day, I drove just pass from your door. You are wearing shabby raincoat, with a old plastic to corner a pile of scrap wood block rain. Is this your YinChai! The winter make a fire, can't wet. In this city, live bungalow, born of the somebody else is running out. A gust of wind blew off from your body, raincoat, I saw you emaciated body. I'm a car also a cringe, shivers, stalled.
I live in a luxurious village MBT Jawabu, capacious building, summer we have air conditioning, winter heating, son. Feed freely fat Although we are brother and sister, but hardly for walking, since that year with the sword you hurt your sister-in-law's arm.
Calm after the storm, you have brought daughter came to my home, I was taken aback.
You are to borrow money. You want to buy a set of building, that seat crude bungalow, couldn't live down. But you haven't even down money to raise. Her husband was laid off, the daily riding on the tricycle to sell in the market vegetables, you in a water, that some poor praetorium work of wages, is just enough of your food and clothing.
I take out smoke, don't know how to comment, had to silent, your sister-in-law calm face, put the television channel varied.
Your face disappointment, but still embarrassing skimming smiling. Finally you say, daughter send being here, you have something urgent to do, evening again to meet her. You walked, your sister-in-law said to me, if I lend you money, he and I divorce.
But two child soon ripe, they play poker together, the simplest, bassoon and small format. Son is always win, niece always lose, she ACTS like a child said, you can't always win me, I am your sister!


I remember we had a poker together. Is that your first after college entrance examination of summer vacation. Then all the family spoil you, I'm more in your pride, you are our house first, and only a college student.
Mom and dad do meal in the kitchen. You say to and I play CARDS. I say I want to play just to really, you dare? You said, but I have no money, how to do? I'm a poke your NaoMenEr, but you have the wisdom!
The game is actually very simple, know a little math will do, how much more will you so smart.
Every time you win again, I'll give you ten dollars, soon, you win a lot of. The money is from my bank change, are all new tickets. Although at the time, I was not a small boss, but jobs also earn some money, I was calculated to put money loss to you, otherwise, I would also give you a sum of money for you to go to school.
When I put the money lost half hour, mother calls, don't play and have dinner. Lose money plan haven't finished, so I said, and finally play a big right, if you win again, I put the rest of these, a defeat to you.
Later you of course won all your money. Elder brother, why I always win? I said, you stupid? You are my sister, and I must let you win! You excited to pounce on it, her arms around my neck.


That summer, I marry a wife. Mother and your sister-in-law happen contradiction, I caught in the middle, let I very difficult.
When you graduate, finish listen to mom's home sobbing, you indiscriminate, blindly, because your mother to join, the home more wrong. My head was going to explode, rushed into the kitchen, start to copy choppers will mind-games.
You all rushed over from my hand, chopper, how so qiao rob chopper was you rob, hand after, but carelessly in your sister-in-law cut on the arm bleeding, immediately.
Although your sister-in-law also default, you this knife is not intentionally, but this one knife, cut our blood but affinity.
These years, our day crossed well, your living have gone from bad to worse. Organ although not tired, but money earned very little, you have a very light, adding insult to injury, brother-in-law was laid off, the light into a poor.
Once you have tried to come to my house, trying to improve our relationship, but suffered your sister-in-law sarcasm, she said, the person can't be rich, rich relatives like flies fly over. You then fire, he stormed off.


Since then, you haven't visited my house. If not, how can you open to post23 money from me?
I hate to clap his head. Over the years, our estrangement is too deep, like each other, the strength is to refuse to defeat to each other, I forgot, relatives, as long as dear to each other, each other, losing is also win, win also lose. Humane
I went to advise your sister-in-law, I speak when we were younger. On my primary school grade four, you on the second grade students, I for and against the first to schools, who braved the stars in the morning and then go to school, the road was quite scared, so, you must accompany me, hard to go with me, but your classroom, you are the only one who MBT Pia, you fear more, ran into my classroom, I rubbed your hands and let you cold tomorrow. Not again. But you said resolutely, no!
Your sister-in-law zhuaiguolian to, but still not bow to the phrase. And I speak of yesterday, that the rain scene... Your sister-in-law interrupted me, cried, don't say that. And then go toward outside walk.
I chased out, but she went into the children's room, sitting on the bed, watching two children play CARDS. I just wanted to be with her angry, but I found that she had tears.
Night, your return, exhausted sitting on the sofa. Niece pleased to meet it, my mother, my brother and I play CARDS, the elder brother play but I, he always lose. You clap her face said, fool, that's brother let you?
I ask you, remember worke: let's play poker? Also you always win, I always lose. You nodded and said remember, you that is let me? Son listened and said, you are my father's sister, brother must let his little sister.
I quickly ran into the study, from the drawer take out all the cash, I think well, at least the first handed down for you, your sister-in-law if again blocked, I wouldn't consent to her.
I said, this money is not borrowed, is for you, put down handed in, mortgage, slowly. Sister YiZheng containing the tears, eye was.
Know your sister-in-law when stood in the eyes, she stretch to come over hand holding a passbook. Your sister-in-law said, sister, let's let house once cleared.

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